Welcome to Christian Partners for Prayer and Healing

Special Event


12:30 pm Sunday, December 30

at Hammock Community Church

5299 Oceanshore Blvd (A1A), Palm Coast, FL

Spirit-Led Prayer for Healing

Ministry to the Whole Person

We listen to your concerns and minister to needs of all kinds: physical illness, emotional problems, mental stress, or spiritual confusion. We also will join with you in intercessory prayer for others.

Free and Confidential

Our services are a Christian ministry, available to all free of charge. We meet by appointment and keep all sharing confidential.  

Trained Prayer Ministers

All of those praying with you have had more than 150 hours of training by Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, FL (www.christianhealingmin.org).  Founding partners are: Rev. Dr. Darla Turlington, retired American Baptist minister; Janis Boyd, Christian businesswoman; and Judie Rathburn, Christian counselor.


Walk in for Prayer

Thursdays 2-3 pm 

at the Chapel, Hammock Community Church, 

5299 Oceanshore Blvd (A1A), Palm Coast, Florida

Make an Appointment

Contact us at ChristianPartners4Prayer@yahoo.com or 386-400-2240 to choose a time to meet two prayer ministers at a church on the east or west side of Palm Coast. Tell us if you are homebound.

Helping agencies may send clients

We will be glad to meet with Executive Directors of helping agencies to explain our services and explore praying for your clients.